Berliner Weisse 3.4% ABV (2 SRM 5 IBU’s FG 1.006)

A Berliner Weisse is a light sour wheat beer.  We brew ours with wheat and light malt for a soft cracker flavor, balanced with a tart mid palate and a dry finish.  Truly a unique style of beer, but wholly refreshing in the dog days of Summer.

Summer SIPA (Session IPA) 4.4% ABV (3 SRM 50 IBU’s FG 1.007)

One of our favorite styles of beer around here is Session IPA- all the hops and character of an IPA, but a lower ABV allows you to sneak one more in before heading home safely.   This light bodied, easy drinking pale ale is dosed with Amarillo and Citra hops for a citrusy aroma and flavor, and left unfiltered to not hinder any of the wonderful hop aroma.

The Green Tea Beer 5% ABV (4 SRM 10 IBU’s FG 1.008)

The Infamous (and award winning) Green Tea beer is back for the Summer season at Pearl Street!  We brew a light golden ale, then infuse green tea with lemon grass and mint for the most refreshing summer beverage ever.  Has to be tried to be believed, but we bet you can’t drink just one…

Spirit of Buffalo Blonde 5.2% ABV (4 SRM 25 IBU’s FG 1.009)

Brewed in collaboration with the Spirit of Buffalo boat tours, this beer is served in our tap room and on draft on the boat itself.  Look out on their website ( for their Tuesday Booze Cruises which include samples from the featured brewery and a 2 hour sail in the outer harbor- a beautiful and fun way to see our beautiful city.


Oktoberfest 6.2% ABV (14 SRM 20 IBU’s FG 1.016)

A fall classic, our Oktoberfest is a rich, malty amber ale brewed with imported ingredients for a true taste of this German style beer.  One of our best sellers and a perfect compliment to the beautiful fall season we have in Buffalo!

Harvest Edge Wet hop IPA 7.8% ABV (8 SRM 65 IBU’s FG 1.012)

Once a year we partner with the Lupulin Hop Fields in Fredonia NY and use their freshly picked hops to brew a harvest version of our house IPA Sabre’s Edge.  The fresh hops add a unique and positively wonderful fresh hop aroma to the beer, but we can only make it at the height of the harvest.  So enjoy it while it lasts!

Jack the RIPA Red IPA 6.4% ABV (16 SRM 40 IBU’s FG 1.014)

The fall inspires a lot of great beers, from Oktoberfest to pumpkin ales, but it seems like the hop heads almost always get left out.  Along with our fall seasonal Pumpkin Spice aLe and Oktoberfest, we brew a west coast style Red ale with boat loads of some of our favorite hops.  Very aromatic and juicy with a deep amber color, this beer is one of our staff favorites.

Scrum Dubbel 6.6% ABV (17 SRM 15 IBU’s FG 1.008)

A dubbel is a traditional amber colored Belgian beer brewed with a special type of yeast that adds a fruity, spicy character and a dark caramelized sugar that adds a complex flavor of rum, raisins, and sweet malt.  We brew ours in collaboration with the Buffalo Rugby club because the Brawlers Deli is their official after game club house.