Lord Stanley Scotch Ale 7.2% ABV (24 SRM 19 IBU’s FG 1.020)

This Wee Heavy style Scottish ale is brewed in the tradition of the dark and stormy liquors that are common to the region.  We adjust our water to match that of the Islay, and import ingredients from England to bring a taste of Scotland to Buffalo.  Dark, rich, and with a hint of smoke, Lord Stanley goes perfect with Thanksgiving dinners and back yard camp fires.

Gingerbread Cookie Brown Ale 6.2% ABV (20 SRM 11 IBU’s FG 1.014)

Why do bakers get to have all the fun?  We brew this English style Brown ale with imported malt, then add ginger and spices to make it taste like a cookie in a glass.  Join us for our Christmas Cookie beer party where we invite other breweries in town to share their Holiday beers with us while we all enjoy cookies and cookie beers!

20th Anniversary Imperial Trainwreck 9.2% ABV (16 SRM 25 IBU’s FG 1.011)

This month marks our 20th Anniversary of being open at Pearl Street, which makes us the oldest operating brewery in downtown Buffalo!  We’re celebrating by throwing a huge party on October 28th, and we brewed this beer as one of the very special beers we will have on draft for it.  A 9.2% version of the beer that’s helped rebuild Buffalo one pint at a time since 1997!

Batch 1 6.2% ABV (12 SRM 19 IBU’s FG 1.012)

Back when we opened our doors in 1997, the very first beer that was ever brewed here was called Rail Yard.  Over the last 20 years, the recipe has been tweaked, modified, and even renamed to Trainwreck, but we found the original recipe and brewed it again, spec to spec from 1997 to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  Batch 1 is a mild amber ale brewed with caramel and Munich malts, balanced by pacific northwest hops and a touch of German Tettnang for an instant classic, 90’s style.




The Black Pearl Black IPA 7.1% ABV (35 SRM 48 IBU’s FG 1.014)

In the winter few things are better than dark, full flavored beers.  Our black IPA boasts a boatload of some of the finest, “dank” hops available- Simcoe, Chinook, and Mosaic pair perfectly with the robust character of de-husked black malt for an IPA that, if you closed your eyes, you might not even realize was that dark.

Czech Pilsner 5.7% ABV (3 SRM 40 IBU’s FG 1.007)

Once a year during the cold snap we get to brew a true lager at Pearl Street.  Our Czech Pils is brewed to be hoppy and dry with boat loads of imported Czech hops and malt for a blonde thirst quencher.  The beer is fermented cool and then conditioned cold for 6 weeks before making it through our draft lines, so make sure to get some while you can!




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