Lord Stanley Scotch Ale 7.4% ABV (25 SRM 18 IBU’s FG 1.017)

A staff favorite around the fall season, our Scottish style Wee-Heavy is a big, malty masterpiece.  Brewed with a variety of caramelized and roasted malts, this dark scotch ale is sure to keep you warm as the nights grow colder and the leaves change color.  Try one with Thanksgiving dinner!


Gingerbread Cookie Brown Ale 6% ABV (18 SRM 10 IBU’s FG 1.016)

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it seems like everyone is focusing on cookies and food- why leave beer out?  We brew an English brown ale, then spice it with ginger, allspice, cloves, and vanilla.  The result is a smooth, spicy brown ale that tastes like Christmas in a glass without being overwhelming.  Join us for our cookie beer cookie party in December where we invite our friends from 42 North, Community Beer works, and Big Ditch brewing to eat beer and drink cookies.


19th Anniversary Imperial Oatmeal Stout 10.2% ABV (38 SRM 50 IBU’s FG 1.018)

19 years ago our owner took a risk and opened a brew pub in a quiet corner of downtown Buffalo.  Pearl Street is now the largest brew pub in the world, and a staple of downtown- literally changing the sky line with our new properties.  To celebrate our anniversary we try to brew a special beer, and this year we decided to brew an Imperial Oatmeal Stout. This 10.2% ABV oatmeal stout is smooth and rich, with overtones of toast, dark chocolate, and booze.  Earthy English hops round out the flavor for a complex sipper to keep you warm as the nights grow cold.


Conveyor Cream Ale 5% ABV (2 SRM 15 IBU’s FG 1.008)

If you haven’t heard, we’re in the process of opening our third brewery at Buffalo Riverworks.  The brewery is being built inside of the giant Labatt 6 pack, and we’ll be brewing a unique line up of 8 beers over there exclusively for that location.  Our light beer over there will be this cream ale, which is similar to an “American light lager” but with more character.  Light and easy to drink, we use corn in addition to the barley in this refreshing “lawn mower” beer.



Czech Pilsner 5% ABV (3 SRM 30 IBU’s FG 1.008)

Traditionally due to the volume of beer we sell we don’t have time to brew lagers at Pearl Street, which take 8 weeks instead of 3.  However, in the early spring, we manage to sneak one in to have ready for the beautiful spring we enjoy in Buffalo.  Our Czech pils is brewed with imported pilsner malt and hops for an authentic taste of Europe.  We use a heavy hand in adding hops to keep the beer nice and dry, which is sure to please light beer drinkers and hop heads alike.

Black Pearl Black IPA 7.2% ABV (30 SRM 60 IBU’s FG 1.010)

It seems like every year during the holidays, the hop lovers get left out.  We get to enjoy harvest ales in the fall, but by December it seems like everything is spiced and sweet.  For our hop heads out there we brew our Black IPA- this dark and stormy brew shares the color of a stout, but the hop flavor and aroma of an IPA.  Generous additions of Chinook and Mosaic hops make this big IPA one to enjoy in the cold winter months.