Trainwreck Amber Ale
Our signature beer, Trainwreck is an amber ale made using German-style malts & hops. Its complex malt aroma and flavors evoke sweet bread, chocolate, and dry-roasted nuts all balanced by a slight spiciness from the hops.

  Lake Effect American Pale Ale
A classic East Coast style pale ale, Lake Effect has considerable heft from the malts to balance out the heavy dose of hops. The subtle earthy flavors of the English hops play off some of the classic aroma characteristics of American hops while the rich malt provides a backbone to support it.

 Lighthouse Golden Ale
A session beer before session beers were a thing, Lighthouse is a craft beer drinkers version of a light American ale. Clean and crisp, it has a noticeable malt presence and just enough hop bitterness to keep it from being sweet.

  Street Brawler Oatmeal Stout
Our Oatmeal Stout, Street Brawler is dark and roasted with flavors of chocolate and black coffee. It is hopped with traditional English hops that together with the oats serve to round out the edges and give this beer a smooth finish.

  Saber’s Edge Double IPA
A traditional American double IPA, Saber’s edge shows off the piney, citrus flavors of American hops, balanced by a soft caramel toffee malt back bone.  A significant ABV of 8.1% really lets the hop flavors shine, and keeps you warm during hockey season.

  Blue-eyed Blueberry Blonde
Lighthouse provides the perfect palette with which to paint a blueberry masterpiece. The essence of blueberry flavor is combined with our premium blonde ale in this beer.


 Wild Ox hefeweizen
A wheat beer in the American style, Wild Ox has equal parts barley and white wheat that combine with a spicy noble hop bitterness to create a beer which is light in color but full of flavor.
Don Cherry Cherry Wheat
Wild Ox meets sweet cherry flavors in the Don Cherry Wheat beer. The wheat and slight spiciness mingles with the slight tart sweetness of cherries.

 Chocolate Stout
Street Brawler’s smooth, dark, richness is accented by the sweet fullness of chocolate. 




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