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Pearl Street Grill Happy Hour Packages 

From small office gatherings to birthday parties and exciting celebrations, we have the right option for you! Perfect for parties with about 15-40 people, our “happy hour” style party allows your guests to enjoy a casual meeting place. A few tables and bar stools will be set up close to one of our bars as a “home base” so you can have a station for finger foods and gifts while still being inside the energy and action of one of our historic bar areas and game rooms.

There is no deposit, minimum order amount or fee for reserving a happy hour space. Simply think of it like a reservation in our dining room for a large party, but instead of being in the dining room it is in one of our bar sections – usually on the 2nd floor or cellar bar.

There is no need to pre-order as most foods are purchased the day of your party through bar staff upon arrival. Common items to order include pizzas, wings, any of our dips, quesadillas, or our signature menu choices.

Drinks can be purchased at a cash bar, by running a bar tab.  Sometimes prepaid ticket options are available upon advanced request.   

Happy hour spaces are in high demand. All spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis. It is recommended that you try to book your party at least 3 weeks in advance and 4-5 weeks when possible, especially for weekend dates . For space availability please fill out the form below.


Frequently Asked Questions:

►What if my party has big eaters or drinkers? What if the number of people grows unexpectedly?

  • Don’t worry!  Since it is mostly standing room the party can fluctuate a little in size.  And since you order items a la carte, it is easy to add more food if guests arrive.  Or they can just order their own!

►Can we do set drink prices per person per hour – for example with wrist bands?

  • In general we do not offer happy hour pricing to specific groups (like a flat rate per person for a 3 hour drink package) – because we deal with such high volume that it would be nearly impossible to track multiple groups at the same time and differentiate them from the general public on each bar.  The bars are open for cash-bar service, so running a tab, having a cash bar is how we handle this. Depending on your budget, we do offer set rate bar packages in our privately Catered Rooms.

►Can we have a party on the day of a home Sabre’s game or other downtown event?

  • Yes! We can have happy hour parties before the games (these are usually held in our cellar bar), or during the game. Depending on the size of your party, the time of your arrival, and the time of the event, we can usually accommodate parties on event nights.

► Is our party in a private area?

  • Happy hour events do NOT have a private area. You will, however, have a section reserved for you in the public bar area as a sort of “home base.” All Happy Hour parties are casual gatherings, usually held at the second floor bar.  Sometimes the second floor can be a high energy and busy place. If you are looking for more of a private or formal function, please check out our privately catered events.

► Will we have table service?

  • For a happy hour party, all food and drink orders are placed at the bar. Payment will also take place at the bar. There is no table service for this style event. The bar staff will be there to assist you.  Table service is available if you would rather have a dinner reservation downstairs in our dining room, or at one of our privately Catered events found HERE .

► Can we bring a cake or decorations?

  • Yes. You can bring either a cake or cupcakes (sorry, no other outside foods or alcohol).   As for decorations you can bring a sign, balloons, or gifts.   Again, there are 4-5 high top tables in the section to do with as you see fit.   All we ask is that you do not tape anything to any of the artwork or posters in your section, and that you do not bring glitter or confetti as it tends to stick to the antique woodwork.Request A Happy Hour Party

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